Balancing act

I love my life. I was thinking about it today, wondering if some of the people closest to me in life feel the same way. At times it’s pretty darned invigorating being a school principal with all the opportunities for having a positive impact on learning and lives of so many amazing human beings rat different stages of life and learning. I feel like the collective energy of the work we do together, and the joy in my friends and family, lifts me up.

But just as with any complex system there are some times when those difficult moments that are a normal part of any life seem to clump together and weigh a little heavier. They can start to pull down on even the most positive person, especially when you throw some nasty cold virus into the mix! I’m just on my way out of one of those clumps and am working on getting things back into balance for the students, staff, parents, friends, family members, dogs 🙂 and self that rely on me.

There are little ups and downs that occur daily and I appreciate greatly the skills that I see in people all around me in weathering these storms, big and small, and supporting each other. Life really is a balancing act but the trick is not to always keep things in perfect balance. It’s to recognize the variations as just part of the ride, and riding it out with those who you care for, and who care for you.