Energy Crisis


I only took two periods of physics in high school before I changed my schedule to add drama instead (and that leads to a whole different story) but I do remember the basic principle that work requires energy. A the best of times, the work that is done in schools by educators at all levels and in all roles takes a lot of energy. My uneducated guess would be about the equivalent of a minor supernova.

The work that is happening now to transform education takes enormous energy to begin, maintain and see through to fruition. This winter I struggled to maintain the energy I needed to keep things moving, to keep encouraging the great things going on. I felt it in my daily life as well and I am sure my dogs would rat me out for missed walks in the park as a result.

I have been thinking about why it seemed so much more difficult than before. It’s my third year as principal. A colleague suggested that it’s like a marriage. Maybe this is just the natural progression from honeymoon to long-term relationship. We all know that takes work and energy too.

I don’t know if there is one reason for my energy crisis. I do feel that with the return of spring I am committing to a few things that will hopefully keep my energy up so that I can be in good shape to provide my best support of learning in my school. I am not going to skip any more morning exercise sessions. I am going to make a real lunch at least once a week. And eat it. I am going to keep my iPad with me as I walk through classrooms so I have the evidence of good learning to celebrate with our community. I will smile even when I don’t particularly feel like it (proven to release happy chemicals in the brain).

I’ll let you know how it goes. Time to get to work.